Short breaks to Barcelona

One of the best ways of spending holidays abroad must be to enjoy a short break to Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the great European touristic destinations and offers endless possibilities of enjoyment so you will not run short of things to do during your time spent here. In Barcelona Art Connection we offer a different way to make the most of your visit to the city by taking advantage of all its cultural riches.

With the help of our specialized teachers and guides  your short break to Barcelona will be an artistic experience in its own right with plenty of insights of city’s wonderful cultural history. We offer two different plans, each of them is available in a one-day course or a five-day course. All options are suited for all types of art lovers no matter their previous experience or knowledge.

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short breaks to barcelona

Plans for a short break to Barcelona

The first of our proposals will surely sound interesting to you:  a painting holidays. If you like working with brushes, pens, colours we will take you to Barcelona’s most special spots to sketch and paint. Enjoy your hobby in a wonderful setting and take home the most personal souvenir possible – your own impressions of the streets, parks and buildings of Barcelona.

Many centuries of artistic achievement are waiting for you in the streets of Barcelona. This cultural holiday destination is the ideal choice.  We will be a small group of likeminded people discovering the architecture, the sculptural profiles and the painterly impressions of this gorgeous Catalan city. We also have one day trips to the nearby cities of Tarragona and Gerona both of them with extraordinary historical and artistic backgrounds.

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We await you in Barcelona