Painting Holidays

Have you ever thought of enjoying a Painting Holidays? If you are one of those people who enjoy expressing yourself through paper, pen and paints, we’re sure you will be seduced by our holiday that combines painting whist visiting our specially chosen sites.  We organize these personal and memorable trips in Barcelona, one of the most important destinations in the world for art lovers given its extensive cultural riches.


Who is behind these artistic holidays?  We are specialists in art history and painting who want to offer those who have an interest in art to discover the artistic marvels Barcelona has to offer.  Our courses are much more detailed and personalized than the usual touristic options, with a maximum group size of eight at any one time.  After our morning of painting, we take our clients out to lunch at local restaurants thus giving the group a chance to share our experiences and relax in a convivial manner.

painting holidays in spain
painting holidays

Painting Holidays in Spain

If you have five days for a mini break in Barcelona, this would be a great way to spend them, although our one day holiday is also well worth exploring.  Whichever you choose, your experience with us will be unforgettable and what could be a better souvenir from these holidays, than your own paintings or drawings?

We are offering one of the best cultural holiday destinations possible, where we also run cultural holidays: a journey through Barcelona’s artistic history, studying its context and development in a small likeminded group.

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We await you in Barcelona