Cultural Holidays destinations

If you are trying to choose a cultural holiday destination for your next trip, why not come to one of the main cultural centers in Europe to enjoy this most vibrant city?  In Barcelona Art Connection we work hard to offer you the most enjoyable and dynamic tours to experience the spirit and the cultural heritage of the city.

We have two types of visits that are the perfect choice for a short breaks to Barcelona. In both of them our guides will make sure you make the most of your day and get back home with fantastic memories of our city: a Painting Holiday or a Cultural Holiday. The first option consists of an artistic experience addressed to art lovers who also paint or who would like to try their hand at painting. During our walks we will stop in different inspiring spots to give you the opportunity to create your own work and give your personal view of Barcelona’s art.

one of the most enriching cultural destinations
Ccultural holidays destinations

One of the most enriching cultural destinations

If you prefer a more detailed exploration of this cultural touristic destination and you are interested in an explanation of the social and artistic context of each piece of art given by our experts, then you can choose our cultural holidays.  Our cultural holidays will allow you to discover the best of Barcelona’s art and the connection of that art with the life of the city along its many centuries of history. From the Roman, Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture to the cutting edge of contemporary art, you will discover great pieces of art in a relaxing and comfortable way, including the possibility of also discovering the great monuments of Girona and Tarragona.

Five days is the ideal time span to move around Barcelona with us so you can get an insight of its treasures and a consistent general idea of the city. But if you are thinking I having a mini holiday in Barcelona, then you can choose a one day experience with us.

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