5 Day Painting Holiday

Photos show us a place as it is but they hardly ever capture the feel of it; that is particularly noticeable when we go through or own holiday pictures and realize how little they coincide with our memories. This course is about getting the feel of Barcelona by sketching its art and its vibrant city life on the spot in exciting locations. You don’t need artistic skills because we will help you to do it. We’ll show you a surprisingly easy, practical way to represent your observations that will also be very useful in your future artistic pursuits.

Sessions will take place either outdoors or back in BARCELONA ART CONNECTION’s gorgeous studio while the spirit of the place is still fresh in our memory. We will also discuss what we have seen, explore the context of the art and share our observations. In our experience, some of the best insights happen in coffee breaks and lunch conversations, and there will be plenty of those.

A Typical Day

Day 1

09:30 Meet in our studio for a morning coffee and prepare materials

10:00-14:00 Field trip and sketching

14:00-15:30 Group lunch and make ‘optional drinks’ at 7:00PM


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We await you in Barcelona